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LED lighting effect is disabled pricing strategy under incandescent Interpretation

Recently, the Silicon Valley investment enterprise VantagePoint Capital Partners CEO Alan Salzman (AlanSalzman) said, LED lighting prices will fall 90% over the next three years.

????The company official said that Europe has been eliminated incandescent, the United States in 2012 after the ban more than 100 watt light bulb. The phase-out of incandescent light schedule locked in 2018. Energy-saving lamps to replace incandescent lamps have become an irresistible trend of development, increase production and lower prices thus became inevitable.

????But price is not shouting numerous slogans exemplar determination can be achieved, but also a number of companies formed an alliance to actively promote.

????In prices become an inevitable trend, the price who should, who will be able to stay ahead in the market. Be the first person to eat crab takes courage.

????Therefore, many domestic media have recently published "Kingsun started" the people "pricing strategies", "Kingsun LED lighting products through multiple channels to urge off" noble loaded "" message, so I popular inspired.

????High: restricting industrial development stumbling block

????In recent years, China's LED industry is developing rapidly, the prospects are bright. "Currently, the government attaches great importance to the promotion and application of LED lighting products, adopted a series of measures to advance. But the '' top-down '' way to promote more focused on the consumer guide on the macro, if LED interior lighting to achieve a large-scale popularity, the price is the key to popularity. "Dongguan Kingsun optoelectronic Co., Ltd., Li Xuliang in the just concluded exhibition Guangya said the one hand, because the price is expensive, indoor LED lighting product sales situation is not open; on the other hand, indoor LED lighting product sales do not increase, the price will remain high, thus forming a vicious cycle. According to the author in the streets of small random survey Nearly 60 percent of people think that LED product price is very expensive or very expensive, do not think your less than one percent. This result also from the side confirmed the embarrassing situation of today's LED lighting.

????LED lighting products Qiaode see really just scratching the nobility ornament it? How high price dilemma is broken it? Insiders said that only increased sales, will promote innovation LED lighting technology, promoting better development of upstream and downstream, creating a virtuous circle, bring the whole LED industry towards a more healthy direction. And you want to increase sales, companies take the initiative to cut prices seem like a good idea.

????Price: a tango

????LED lighting is still in the promotion period, which means that each enterprise will pay in advance a "promotional fee" for the market - the market by cutting prices to meet consumer psychology, the progressive realization of the public acceptance of LED lighting products through the promotion and use of experience, large area LED lighting products to promote the use pave the way.

????Deputy Director of National Development and Reform Central Information Secretary Xie pole in Shanghai to attend a forum also said the NDRC is now working with relevant departments to consider the LED into the "green lighting project", and is expected during the year will be the first to incorporate part of the LED products, which means the semiconductor lighting products will enjoy the financial subsidy.

????In LED lighting applications, the price wind quietly blowing. Recently, Dongguan Kingsun lead the implementation of A + Plan, launched hundreds of ultra-low prices, high cost of LED lighting products, including a 5-watt LED bulb prices dropped from the original 50 yuan to 30 yuan, a decline up to 40%, LED lights decrease of 50%.

????Be the first to lift the banner of price cuts LED lighting business on the ground, the spirit is commendable. But a tango. If only one or a few companies adopt aggressive pricing strategy, indifference or other businesses continue to wait and see, then, LED lighting flying into the homes of ordinary people still have a long way to go ......

????Therefore, in order to develop the LED industry, the LED lighting products can actually walk into homes of ordinary people, there must be multiple allies appear to form a price industry alliance to promote the price revolution LED lighting.

????Of course, not hard skills, the lower raw material prices and efforts to optimize the supply chain resources, the price of light shouting became passive water. It is understood that Kingsun has been committed to research LED application technology, through the integration of a variety of core technology, innovation systems, major breakthroughs in a number of application technology. On the ground by creating the world's largest intensive procurement and production system, with large-scale production capacity of the product to form a strong bargaining power, promote products, raw materials prices have fallen significantly. The intensification of procurement and supply chain resources is the rich price "catalyst."

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