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LED market started to accept the protection element will increase demand for the next few years

High-power LED lighting applications requiring protection element

High power LED provides a long service life of incandescent or CFL lamp can not provide, low power consumption and low maintenance requirements, these factors make LED in outdoor applications is becoming increasingly popular. However, LED is sensitive electronic components, it can easily be transient switch system, electrostatic discharge caused by lightning strikes and near overvoltage and overcurrent damage. In addition, the drive LED switching power supply does not provide emotional LED lighting electronic ballasts transient overvoltage or overcurrent protection.

To meet the needs of high-power LED lighting applications, LED typically designed to 5-20 in series, because the single LED power due to thermal issues can not do much. But the problem is, as long as the series arrangement of any one LED fails, the whole string of LED will fail together. In the street or airport runway lighting applications, LED string lights failure may lead to an overall brightness dimmed or completely black, lead to security problems can not imagine. LED outdoor advertising display applications, which may have white spots and lead to lost revenue. In any of these applications, the LED string failure often results in outdoor applications costly maintenance problems.

To solve this problem, many vendors have launched LED protection elements of various sizes, such as Bourns, Littelfuse (special forces), TE (formerly Tyco Electronics), Semiconductor and Vishay, etc.

Traditional LED main consideration surge protection against lightning and ESD impact, as well as prevent the power of positive and negative reversed damage caused when. But for outdoor lighting used in high-power LED, LED string also need to consider how reliable operation and reduced maintenance costs protection components, Bourns Principal and force suppliers to launch the LED can fully satisfy all of the above requirements. LED protection element not only lightning, surge, reverse polarity, but also individual LED damage caused by open circuit, ensure that other LED normal light in the LED string.

LED element protection element can effectively protect the LED from neighboring lightning surge and ESD discharge voltage / current source impact. In addition, LED diode reverse current protection element contains, which protects the LED strings against reverse polarity of.

LED protection element connected in series to each LED in parallel. If an LED open circuit, the protective element is connected to its LED will be turned on and should protect the LED element through the fault LED current guide. This ensures that the light string other LED to work properly, it is only a single LED goes out, and the entire string lights still work, greatly reducing the late outdoor lighting maintenance costs.

In the absence turned, LED protection elements only a few micro amps through, it will not affect the entire circuit. In Trigger state, it carries all of the current light string and produces a voltage drop of about 1.3 volts.

The next six months will be the high-power LED needs protection from low production costs, high maintenance, high maintenance costs to a low maintenance, high reliability, low maintenance costs and even maintenance-free transition period, but also protect the LED elements are recognized and accepted by the market the key timing.


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